“When I was diagnosed with Diabetes I was keen to learn how I could change my lifestyle to reduce the impact of this chronic disease. Unfortunately the only advice I received from my doctor was to lose weight – something I have struggled with ever since I had my children some 20 years ago.

Kati opened my eyes to the fact that my hormones were at the centre of my problem. I hadn’t made the connection that carbohydrates were a major source of sugar in my diet, and therefore following the recommended diet of lots of starchy carbohydrates (albeit wholemeal versions) was only exacerbating my condition. Too much sugar from the carbohydrates was forcing my insulin levels up to try to deal with this resulting in that classic rollercoaster in blood sugar levels. Stress levels and lack of sleep only added to the problem.

I decided to take quite a strict route of eliminating all major carbohydrate groups from my diet, including all foods made from flour, potatoes, rice, legumes & grains. I was a little nervous about doing this, but within 2 weeks of doing so my blood sugars had fallen and were remaining stable at a level where I no longer needed to take metformin to control them.

I’ve had to learn to prepare some alternative things to replace those carbohydrate staples in my diet, but I can honestly say that I don’t miss them one bit and absolutely love what I eat. I have much more energy too! I have lost 3 stone over the last year, which, although this wasn’t my main aim, is a very welcome additional effect.

I no longer believe that diabetes and worsening health are my destiny. Just by changing my diet I have reversed this so called “chronic” disease and I am confident one year on that I will be able to live a happy and healthy life going forward.

I am eternally grateful to Kati for revealing this alternative approach to me, I honestly think that she saved my life!”

– Tracey Nicholls FCCA